Vitalis Dr. Joseph

90 minutes of sublime relaxation await you with the Vitalis Bath based on a specific sequence of phases that have a positive effect on both body and mind. In particular, the special molecular steam, described in the fifth point, gives a sense of extraordinary relaxation, purification and substantial “revival.”

  • 1/7 History: discussion of the program and the definition of a personal profile. Choice of the Vitalis bath on the basis of the personal profile.
  • 2/7 Idro: hot and cold water, according to the Kneipp method activates the circulation and stimulates the blood flow.
  • 3/7 Phyto: the strength of herbs. «Antacidid» herbal tea with antacid action to improve renal functions.
  • 4/7 Balneo: the water pampers the skin. A shower to caress and activate the skin’s circulation.
  • 5/7 Vitalis Bath: the micro-molecular steam intensifies the effect of the underlying areas. 15-20 minutes of micro-molecular steam, with underlying layer of choice, wrapped in a natural cotton towel.
  • 6/7 Reaction phase: deep relaxation – rest and increase the capacity to recognise live and feel.
  • 7/7 Communication: the hands pass lightly on the fragrant skin. Pleasant massage.

Bath with salts of the Dead Sea

A natural peeling that deeply purifies the body. It has a draining and relaxing effect.

50 minutes | € 60.00

Bath with marine algae

Draining, detox, reactivating and toning treatment. Particularly recommended to treatment of cellulite, it improves circulation and tissue regeneration.

50 minutes | € 60.00

Sport and vitality bath

This bath gives new energy to joints and exhausted muscles. The strength of the complex of active ingredients of arnica and hypericum eliminates stress and releases tension.

50 minutes | € 60.00

Bath for dehydrated skin

Rosehip combined with natural hyaluronic acid enhances cell regeneration and reduces dehydration. The skin returns to its supple form.

50 minutes | € 60.00

Well Aging Skin Repair Bath - Bath for skin with impurities

Grapeseed and sea buckthorn, a cocktail of vitamins that protect the skin from oxidation and stress and give it a silky texture. Stimulates cell renewal.

50 minutes | € 60.00