The Waters of Abano

The thermal waters of Abano, known and used since Roman times, are categorized as deep under water sources. Their prized individuality stems from the underground path of approx 100 km that flows from the Prealps of Mt. Lessini to the Euganean area. The water takes 25 to 30 years to reach the internal Euganean basin and during its course it is laden with minerals and its temperature rises to 80/90°C before reaching the surface.

These residual elements left as traces in the water render the water of Abano a singular resource in the world, classified as hyperthermal salt-bromine-iodine water. The chemical makeup of these thermal waters is very important in the moment it is mixed with mud (fango) to produce an animal and vegetal micro flora bacteria during the process of maturation. At this point the mud serves a therapeutic purpose for rheumatism, osteoarthritis, muscle aches, after a physical trauma or fracture as well as for the respiratory tract; in these cases aerosol and inhalation techniques are used.