Mayr Cure

Purify with lightness

The Atlantic takes care of your health also thanks to the Mayr Cure, a holistic method whose objective is the awakening of self-healing powers through rest and purification of the intestine, which consequently detoxifies the entire organism.

The cure

To aspire to better general health, it is advisable to free the body from the "residues" of a non-virtuous lifestyle, which is probably the cause of serious disorders such as circulatory problems, strokes, myocardial infarctions, type II diabetes, hypertension and gout.

The path

It takes place under careful medical supervision and goes through an adaptation phase of 2 weeks before entering the actual treatment period, which will last for 7-14 days. At the end, a further stabilization course of the same duration is advised.


The diet includes the intake of only liquids, a diet based on dairy products, the consumption of bread and cooked vegetables and then moving on to gradually reintroducing more complex foods.

Additional positive effects

In addition to preventing the onset of the aforementioned pathologies, the Mayr cure is recommended to combat migraines and generalized pain.

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