Abano Terme is the ideal starting point to visit famous art cities such as the romantic Verona, Vicenza, the city of Palladio, Padua and Venice, and the marvellous Brenta villas, among which you can find Villa Pisani in Strà, built in the 18th century, commissioned by the wealthy and prestigious Venetian Pisani family, who owned many properties in the area, the Villa Widmann in Mira, built at the end of the 18th century by the Shermanns, a noble family with Persian heritage who worked in commerce, the Villa Gradenigo in Oriago di Mira, one of the oldest villas in the Riviera, the wonderful Villa Barchessa Valmarana, Villa Foscari La Malcontenta, built by Palladio in 1559 for the Foscari brothers Niccolò and Alvise and declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO and Villa Giovanelli in Noventa Padovana, built at the end of the 17th century by the Giovanelli family.

Because of their artistic and cultural importance, towns that merit a visit are Arquà Petrarca, where it seems as if time has stopped to retain the medieval magic and the home of Petrarca with personal objects and memorabilia testimony to the Arezzo-born poet's life; Este, whose city centre is full of artistic and architectural evidence; Montagnana, the tower town; and Monselice, which, due to its strategic position has united styles and cultures from differing ages.

Don’t miss the Barbarigo-Pizzoni Ardemani garden in Valsanzibio, one of the most important and refined examples of Italian gardens, the Catajo castle, built on the road between Padua and Battaglia Terme, and the Praglia Abbey, from which you can saviour a magnificent view on the Euganean hills surrounded by a peaceful and serene atmosphere.