Golf what a passion!

The best greens in the area

The eye following the trajectory. The wind, an impulsive variable, is your friend. And then, the concentration, the beating of your heart that slows down in the moment of rotation, just before the club hits the ball entrusting it to the air, to the benevolence of the "gods" of the sport.
If you love golf, as well as thermal mud, the Euganean territory is ideal for you! Discover the best clubs in the area...

Montecchia Golf Club

A high technical course designed by the architect Tom Macauley. The course is slightly hilly and embellished with numerous water hazards.

Holes: 27 - Par: 72
Distance: 4 km

Padova Golf Club

Designed by the English architect John Harris of the London Cotton studio, the fairways wind along the foot of the Euganean Hills, and convey technical and landscape harmony at first sight.

Holes: 18 + 9 - Par: 72 + 36
Distance: 10 km

Terme di Galzignano Golf Club

Immersed in an evocative hilly landscape, it is the ideal course for playing some memorable rounds. Perfect for starting out and improving your skills.

Holes: 9 - Par: 62
Distance: 10 km

Frassanelle Golf Club

Built in 1990 in a nineteenth-century park of over 200 hectares, with an alternation of lakes and glades rich in flora and fauna, this course is splendid.

Holes: 18 - Par: 72
Distance: 12 km

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