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Abano Terme wellness style

Anti-cellulite resonanz massage®50 minutes | € 65

The anti-cellulite® resonanz massage includes algae wrap according to the Vitalis Dr. Joseph method, with cupping and anti-cellulite massage.

50 minutes without steam bath | € 65
80 minutes with steam bath | € 80

Vitalstone massage®50 minutes | € 56

A deeply relaxing massage with hot basaltic stones. It offers a feeling of overall harmony after periods of strong physical or emotional stress.

Resonanz abdomen massage®50 minutes | € 54

This program by Vitalis Dr. Joseph tones the abdomen, promoting intestinal regularity. After the decongestion of the abdominal area, there is a reduction in swelling in the belly. The vibrations of the bells at the end of the massage offer a sense of deep relaxation.

Resonanz back massage ®50 minutes | € 54

The Resonanz back massage® includes massage with essential oils, cupping, massage with rolls and Tibetan bells.

Pindasweda massage50 minutes | € 60

A massage carried out using very warm sachets containing medicinal herbs. According to Ayurvedic medicine, this treatment useful in cases of arthritis, osteoarthritis, stiffness and swelling in the joints, for cellulite and obesity.

Lymphatic drainage50 minutes | € 54

This particular massage therapy technique improves microcirculation, augmenting the elimination of toxins and excess water as well as offering a highly purifying, diuretic and relaxing effect.

Ayurvedic massage50 minutes | € 54

Stemming from the holistic concept that mind and body are inseparable units, this Indian massage, through the slow and constant sliding of the hands along particular paths of the body, allows you to achieve physical well-being as well as a pleasant and intense state of relaxation.

Plantar reflexology50 minutes | € 54

This massage is based on the concept that the sole of the foot is considered a connection area between the nervous system, the energy of the organism and the internal organs. Acting on this part of the body with special acupressure and massages, we intervene in a reflexive way to rebalance, stimulate and relax the entire body, inside and out.

Complete Shiatsu50 minutes | € 54

Shiatsu is an ancient Chinese treatment based on the principles of Taoist medicine. The specialist balances the flow of energy in each individual organ using acupressure techniques, stimulating the points located along the energy meridians.

Watsu50 minutes | € 54

Its name derives from "water" (water) and "shiatsu". For this massage, you are immersed in a shallow pool with warm water. After a brief respiratory preparation, you abandon yourself into the arms of the operator who will make you flow and float on the water, alternating pressure and stretching you with gentle movements on key points of the body. Watsu massage increases muscle mobility, joints seem lighter, tension and pain disappear. The practice in water has particularly profound and positive effects on the psyche.

Indonesian massage50 minutes | € 54

The Indonesian massage is an ancient massage ritual that, in its original version, carries out a profound effect on the muscular structures of the dorsal, lumbar and sacral areas. The most complete version also includes abdomen and leg massage. With this technique, we concentrate on the deep musculature, on the nervous, vascular and lymphatic systems, relieving muscular tension and improving the circulation of vital fluids.

Total body massage50 minutes | € 54

It is a very relaxing overall manual procedure using various techniques applied slowly and continuously. It offers the body a feeling of extreme fluidity and helps to drain waste as well as improve posture.

25 minutes | € 28
50 minutes | € 54

Californian massage50 minutes | € 54

A massage technique that focusses on the muscular system, dissolving tightness and making the joints more elastic. It also stimulates blood and lymphatic circulation, helping to eliminate toxins.

Partial lymph drainage25 minutes | € 28

It creates a purifying and relaxing effect and eliminates swelling, helping make further treatments more effective.

Relaxing massage25 minutes | € 28

A massage that increases body flexibility stimulates blood circulation and the flow of energy, helping to produce a feeling of intense vitality and relieving stress and fatigue.

25 minutes | € 28
50 minutes | € 54

Firming massage25 minutes | € 28

Massage technique that produces a firming action on the tissues and tones them in order to offer greater elasticity.

25 minutes | € 28
50 minutes | € 54

A measure of desire: our offers
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18.03.2023 - 07.01.2024Thermalcare® light - 13 nights€ 1,776MORE INFORMATION
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18.03.2023 - 07.01.2024Couples’ relaxation - 3 nights€ 411MORE INFORMATION
18.03.2023 - 07.01.2024Special “All Inclusive” holiday € 149MORE INFORMATION
18.03.2023 - 01.07.2024Total Wellness - 5 nights€ 608MORE INFORMATION
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