Resonanz anticellulite massage®

The Resonanz anti-cellulite massage® includes an algae bath according to the Vitalis Dr. Joseph method, cupping, anti-cellulite massage and massage using Tibetan bells.

50 minutes without steam bath | € 55.00

80 minutes with steam bath | € 75.00

Vitalstone massage®

It is a deeply relaxing massage with hot basalt stones. It offers a sensation of total harmony after a period of extreme physical or emotional stress.

50 minutes | € 52.00

Resonanz abdomen massage®

This programme, developed by Vitalis Dr. Joseph tones the abdomen creating a regularity of the intestinal functions. Thanks to the decongestive effect of the abdomen it aids in the reduction of the stomach volume.

50 minutes | € 50.00

Resonanz back massage®

The Resonanz back massage® includes massage with essential oils, cup- ping, massage with hot clinders and Tibetan bells.

50 minutes | € 50.00

Pindasweda massage

Massage done with using very warm sachets containing medicinal herbs. According to ayurvedic medicine this treatment is considered useful in cases of arthritis, osteoarthritis, stiffness an swelling of the joints, cellulite and obesity.

50 minutes | € 52.00


Lymphodrainage plays a fundamental role in the treatment of cellulite helping to combat this unsightly problem.

50 minutes | € 49.50

Ayurvedic massage

Antique Indian massage whose scope is to re-align the equilibrium of the organism and maintain physical and mental health.

50 minutes | € 49.50


With this technique of massage certain points on the sole of the foot are manipulated to prevent and alleviate many disturbances in other parts of the body and restore health.

50 minutes | € 49.50

Complete Shiatsu

A natural Chinese therapy based on pressure that permits the organism to maintain and regain its own energetic equilibrium.

50 minutes | € 49.50


A progressive discipline that unites the capable support of the operator with the soothing warm water you are immersed in.

50 minutes | € 49.50

Indonesian massage

The Indonesian massage is an ancient ritual of massage that, in its original version, works deep into the muscle structures of the areas dorsal, lumbar and sacral.

50 minutes | € 49.50

Total body massage

Massage with muscle relaxing action that utilises a sequence of manoeuvres performed so that the patient gradually gets used to the contact with the hands of the therapist.

50 minutes | € 49.50

Californian massage

A massage technique that liberates the mind, tones and works on the muscular system releasing contractions and rendering movements more elastic. It also stimulates blood circulation and the lymphatic system and aids the elimination of toxins.

50 minutes | € 49.50

Partial Lymphodrainage

A purifying and relaxing action eliminating swelling, aiding the effectiveness of other treatments.

25 minutes | € 28.50

Relaxing massage

Massage that increases the body’s flexibility, stimulates blood and energy circulation, contributes to produce a sensation of intense vitality and alleviates stress and fatigue.

25 minutes | € 25.00

Firming massage

Massage technique that produces a firming action on the tissues and tones them in order to give greater elasticity.

25 minutes | € 28.50