Facial treatments

Facial treatment with a mask for the eye contours

55 minutes | € 66,-

Complete facial treatment

With personalized masque or mud masque application.

55 minutes | € 41,-

Facial anti-aging

Especially recommended for skin with signs of aging and the appearance of the first expression lines.

55 minutes | € 59,-

Eye contour treatment

40 minutes | € 38,-

Facial lymphatic drainage

It aids the elimination of stagnant lymph in tissues full of waste and toxins, stimulates oxygenation, cell and skin regeneration, making the skin smoother.

25 minuti | € 25,-

Facial massage

15 minuti | € 15,-

Innature cosmetic deluxe vitalis facial based on argan oil

Anti-aging facial treatment that uses natural products free of silicones, paraffin and fragrances, it helps to delay the aging process of the skin offering a little bit of natural beauty every day.

50 minuti | € 59,00