Thermal inhalation therapies are traditionally utilised and scientifically recognised in the treatment of respiratory ailments and in the prevention of aggravated infections. The therapeutic objectives of inhalation therapy are many: antiseptic effect, stimulating effect of the ciliary apparatus, fluidification of respiratory mucus and reduction of abnormal microbiological components.

In our thermal spa centre there are inhalations, aerosol and nasal washes that utilise the beneficial properties of the thermal water of Abano. Therefore guests suffering from respiratory problems and mouth/nose/throat complaints (sinusitis, otitis, pharyngitis, laryngitis, chronic bronchitis, etc) can use the following treatments: 

- Inhalation and aerosol (also with government health plan)

- nasal wash (not with government health plan)

These treatments are also recommended for children and for smokers.

For best results we suggest a cycle of 12 inhalations + 12 aerosol treatments.