Due to the reduction of mass and alteration of the micro architecture of the bones, the skeleton is subject to a higher risk of fractures. Natural thermal spa mud, in combination with hydrokinetic therapy can create a positive action in the non-acute phase.

The natural thermal mud is a preventative therapy and used in combination with hydrokinetic therapy can provide positive results in osteoporosis in the non-acute phase, reactivating and rebalancing the circulatory, neuroendocrine, and metabolic functions and slowing the activity of destructive bone cells that have the upper hand especially in post-menopausal women. Mud therapy can reduce painful symptoms and in combination with hydrokinetic therapy can result in an increase in bone mass with consequent improvement of joint function and bone strength. The treatment protocol is effective in all patients with osteoporosis and those aged between 55 and 74 years with low turnover osteoporosis (slow loss of bone mass). Excluded are patients with an extreme form of the disease, / or those treated with drugs that interfere with the bone metabolism. Patients undergo 12 sessions with natural thermal mud applied for 15 minutes at a temperature of 42° C and one day of suspension after the sixth session. The therapy consists of four phases. The results obtained with this therapeutic protocol reinforce the effectiveness of the mud, preventing bone loss and risk of fracture and demonstrating a notable increase in the density of the spinal and femoral arteries.